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The world's first gender data space!ExecuShe

Harnessing the power of data science to track progress and deliver insights on gender equality across regions, industries, and markets.

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Understanding corporate gender diversity.

  • 70,000+ Executives
  • 20,000+ Female Role Models
  • 20,000+ Mutual Funds
  • 5,000+ Asset Managers
  • 5,000+ Companies

Let’s celebrate the Women of the Week!

ExecuShe is spreading the word every week, highlighting recent appointments of female Executives and gender diversity drivers to inspire current and future generations of female leaders.

ExecuShe Women of the Week

The Live Data Space

With our Continuous Accountability Monitoring (CAM) we can provide a weekly notification on changes in executive teams. This allows for a more accurate analysis than formal corporate reporting which is usually published hundreds of days later. The data space provides insight across and within specific industries, regions, and executive positions.

  • 70,000+ Executives
  • 20,000+ Female Role Models
  • 20,000+ Mutual Funds
  • 5,000+ Asset Managers
  • 5,000+ Companies

About ExecuShe

Corporate behaviour originates from the decisions of top Executives. Teams with more diverse characteristics are likely to make better decisions. ExecuShe turns the spotlight on gender diversity in Executive teams of companies across regions, industries, and markets.

Gender Equality

ExecuShe provides weekly updates on corporate impact towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 - achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls - a key perfomance indicator for sustainable investing.

Female Focus

ExecuShe highlights female top Executives, who truly understand what it takes to make it beyond the glass ceiling. The Live Data Space features them to inspire younger generations of women.

Continuous Monitoring

Our scalable Continuous Accountability Monitoring (CAM) scans Executive teams for changes on a weekly basis and triggers a comprehensive analysis of their differentiating characteristics where required.

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Women of the week

Every week, we are celebrating recent appointments of female Executives and gender diversity drivers.

Women of the Week

UN Women’s WEP and ExecuShe’s Joint Webinar - G20: The Corporate Gender Power Gap

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The ExecuShe Leadership Team


  • Bess (Pei-Chun)

    Head of Financial Data Science

  • Chia-Chien

    Deputy Head of Accountability Monitoring

  • Fiona

    Deputy Head of Outreach

  • Florian

    Head of Data Process Automation

  • Hampus

    Head of Finance

  • Karine

    Deputy Head of Research

  • Katharina

    Head of Impact

  • Kofi (Christian)

    Head of Technology

  • Pei-Chieh

    Head of Accountability Monitoring

  • Rafaella

    Head of Partnerships

  • Scott

    Head of Insights

  • Sherry (Yu-Hsuan)

    Deputy Head of Innovation

  • Shikha

    Head of Research

  • Wendy

    Head of Outreach

  • Zhenjia

    Head of Innovation

  • Andreas

    Scientific Advisor

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